Attracting more qualified buyers.

By utilising proven and award-winning marketing techniques, Chris opens doors to more buyers – helping you achieve your aspirational sales result.

Chris’ advice for marketing your property is different to any other agent you will talk to in the market. How so?

In the initial stages of planning your property’s marketing & selling strategy, Chris will undergo extensive research and define key target audiences to help guide preparation, message, and promotion channels.

Attracting out of area buyers.

Over 60% of record and premium prices come from out-of-area buyers.  Traditional methods of advertising such as listing on will not expose your property to these buyers.  Chris will develop an extensive marketing campaign to ensure that these out-of-area buyers see and fall in love with your property.

Creating that ‘love at first sight’ feeling.

Chris’ strategy involves every effort to have buyers falling in love with your property. This is because an emotionally committed buyer will always pay more for a property.

Starting with an in-depth analysis of your property, Chris will review your property’s marketability and make recommendations toward preparing for sale. This may include small maintenance works or staging techniques that will assist in elevating the property’s aesthetics. This has been known to lift the market price of properties he’s sold by more than 10 per cent.

From working with reliable trades to appointing a team of talented stagers, he’ll transform your home to its pinnacle so that buyers see and feel its true emotional value.

Chris will explore all strategies outside of the day-to-day real estate norm’ that are all geared to striking an emotional connection and needs of buyers, which can have a significant and positive impact on the final price you achieve.

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Your premium price.

Maximising your real estate negotiation in the digital age.

Given Chris’ extensive background in entrepreneurship and business ownership, he knows how to negotiate to drive positive outcomes, and that’s just what he’ll do for your property.

With a forward-thinking and digital approach to everything Chris does, it’s no surprise his process includes one of Australia’s leading negotiation technologies.

Chris has integrated an online offers program to help facilitate and streamline his property negotiations – ultimately, allowing transparency throughout the process while driving record results for his clients. In fact, in 2020 Chris achieved the highest written offer on the program nationally, competing against high-suburb-value interstate agents.

Chris intelligently and proactively drives a competitive negotiation for your property by integrating leading technologies to help you achieve the premium result in the market.

A smart sale, not a fast sale.

Chris’ strategy is to achieve a smart sale, not a fast one. And in today’s market – this is absolutely paramount to reaching your aspirational sales price.

So, what’s a smart sale?

There’s currently high demand for Perth property, with many properties attracting multiple offers in the first couple of days of being listed (yes to a vibrant market!)

Utilising either Realmark’s Set Date Sale sales process or the Auction method, Chris will advertise your property over an optimised time frame, ensuring all possible buyers in the market are able to participate in the negotiation of your property, not just buyers from the first wave of enquiry.

The process also removes the dated ‘set price’ strategy, allowing the market to determine your property’s price, ensuring you’re not undersold.

It’s a proven method that’s helped many Mount Lawley property owners successfully reach their real estate goals. Learn more about Chris’ clients’ success.

So, do you want to achieve tens to hundreds of thousands more than your expected price like other Mount Lawley residents? Call Chris today to learn more.