Smart marketing proves successful strategy for 1970s home.

Smart marketing proves successful strategy for 1970s home.

This property sold for $30,000 more than the most recent sale in the area, with the comparable being a much newer property.

The property’s premium sales price can be attributed to the intelligent marketing and sales campaign executed by Chris Pham of Realmark Urban, which attracted 13 offers throughout the 21-day Set Date Sale campaign.

The 1970s home was an obvious buy for the keen developer.

The Realmark Urban agent identified a number of key target audiences, and was confident a marketing campaign tailored to first home buyers and families looking to upsize in the blue chip Yokine location would drive a better sales outcome for his vendors.

“The property was like a time capsule and was in immaculate condition, I felt it was too good to demolish and would attract high interest from owner occupiers given its good state of improvements, location, land size and open plan layout,” said Chris Pham of Realmark Urban.

“By applying a campaign solely targeted at developers, we were at risk of alienating a large portion of qualified buyers in the market and ultimately underselling the property,” he said.

Chris worked with the vendors to improve the property’s presentation and marketability before launching to the market via Realmark’s Set Date Sale selling method.

After attracting 13 offers over 21 days, Chris drove a competitive negotiation which increased the final sales price.

Speak to Chris today about how Realmark’s Set Date Sale method and a smart marketing approach can increase your property’s price outcome.