Why a smart sale will increase your sale price.

Why a smart sale will increase your sale price.

I am sure you are seeing a lot of properties now selling in a couple of days.

The sellers are ecstatic, and the agents are even happier!  Who wouldn’t love to sell a property in a couple of days?

We are now in a market whereby we know properties are going to sell.  So my question is – if you were selling your property and you know it was going to sell, would you prefer a fast sale or a smart sale?  A smart sale being a sale whereby I maximise your selling price and settlement terms?

My advice to my vendors has always been to have a smart sale campaign.    From my experience, your first couple of offers isn’t necessary your best.   Plus more offers are great to encourage competition to increase the sale price and settlement conditions.

One of my recent sales I received thirteen offers.  The difference between the lowest offer and the highest offer was $170,000.  We received a few good offers in the first couple of days; one offer was particularly enticing as it was exactly the price that my vendor wanted to sell.

I told my vendor that I felt all the offers had not come through yet and encouraged him to wait another week.  In that additional week, we received an offer that was $35,000 more than the offer he was prepared to accept just days before!  On top of that, the buyer was prepared to put in a larger deposit and the settlement terms were much more attractive.

So I do feel that in our current market, selling your property in the first couple of days could mean that your property will be undersold and you could miss out on tens of thousands of dollars.

If you would like to know more of my smart sales campaign please feel free to give me a call.  I would love to have a chat.

Have a fantastic weekend 🙂


Chris Pham
Licensed Real Estate Agent
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